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  • StatTraq, a graphical statistics plugin for WordPress 1.2 and 1.3 is not in beta d. For a demo, a full description of all of the features and to download it, please go to its homepage:
    StatTraq for WordPress tracks public activity of WordPress and reports

    • Hits
    • Number of Unique PHP sessions
    • Page Views
    • IP Addresses (includes link to ARIN Who Is?)
    • Browser
    • Referrer
    • Search Terms from major search engines
    • Bar and line graphs generated for some of the reports
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  • Hello,
    i install your plugin in wordpress 1.3 and it works like a charm 🙂

    Why I can not see the graph (Line or Bar) on my site? Is it the problem of server or program?

    I was wondering why I keep getting this error the first time I visit page after just opening my browser?
    Warning: ob_start(): output handler ‘ob_gzhandler’ cannot be used after ‘URL-Rewriter’ in /home/btalker/public_html/tony/wp/wp-includes/functions.php on line 447

    Regarding the graphs not showing up, you’ll need the GD2 library installed on your server. Check with your host about this, or if you are running this on your own server make sure that the GD2 library is initialized in your PHP.ini file.


    Warning: ob_start(): output handler …

    What version of StatTraq are you running? If you’re running beta d, please contact me at . If you’re running an older version, this should be fixed in beta d. Temporarily you might consider turning off the compression on your install of WordPress.

    RPDRND–This stat program works great! I do note that on the plugin administration page, it says version 0.1a beta. Is this really 0.1d beta?
    Fast install! We already have visiting IPs!

    So. ~~~ for a rental space without GD2 installed, it is impossible to see graphics … ?

    So. ~~~ for a rental space without GD2 installed, it is impossible to see graphics … ?

    Yes, I’m afraid that the libraries for the graphics are required to see the graphics. However, in a future release I could make this optional and use HTML tables to output graphs (something I did before I used the graphics library… a long, long time ago).

    …it says version 0.1a beta…

    Doh! I’ll have to change that!
    Randy Peterman

    question for you RPDRND…
    i got it all installed and it works great:)
    i tried to add the information you suggested to the menu php file to add a link for the stats from the admin
    i get this error and i am not sure how to correct it…
    this is the error:
    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ARRAY, expecting ')' in /home/stormy/public_html/notes/wp-admin/menu.php on line 20
    this is what i added to my menu php file(this is line 20):
    array(__('Wpstats'), 10, '/wp-stattraq/statistics.php')
    thank you for your help:)

    Actually, I found that this code worked best for me for the tab in the admin:
    array(__('Wpstats'), 8, get_settings('siteurl').'/wp-stattraq/statistics.php')
    Then I didn’t have to worry about relative urls.
    BTW, great job on this plug-in Randy!! 🙂

    well i tried that david and i get the same error:/
    i forgot to add i am using WP 1.3 pre alpha so maybe that is the reason:/
    ill look into it some more and see what else i can find out, i am always open to more ideas:)))
    thanks storm

    I’m not sure why you get that error in 1.3 – I’ll check into it and see what I can find.

    OK, so it works. But is there any way to tell the stat tracker either to NOT log my own IP address or track UNIQUE visits to the site?
    Of course my stats looks good, the blog is my home page, I smack it everytime I load my browser. LOL

    wow… my bad… there is a distinction between HITS and USERS. Very cool. Looks great!

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