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  • Hello,

    Sorry for my very little knowledge about anything HTML or whatever.

    I have wordpress and I just know how to write and click enter and post.

    I wanted to install statscounter on my wordpress blog. I have the stats counter code with me. But I don’t know where to insert that code in my wordpress file because I do not see the place as statscounter asks me to insert it between:


    Page Content


    Where can I see the above things in my wordpress.
    ? I am using Andreas09 1.5 by Ainslie Johnson.

    Thank you in advance for helping. Remember that I have zero knowlegdge so give me all the steps.

    Cheers and Ciao.

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  • Look closely at your theme’s footer.php file (it is under /wp-content/themes/[your theme name].

    Towards the bottom of it you should spot the </html>, so put the code right above it.

    Look closely at your theme’s footer.php file (it is under /wp-content/themes/[your theme name].

    I cannot find the above. I have got Dashboard – Manage, Dashboard presenations and others.

    I do not have /wp-content/themes/[your theme name].
    How can I reach here?

    I am sorry for troubling you all.

    P.S.: I have logged into my wordpress blog and I can see the Dashboard and everything else but not the thing that you are talking about. there is no wp-content. I am using Andreas09 1.5 by Ainslie Johnson

    I gues someone has put this blog up four you? On your host you have to go to your WP root. Then click on WP-content, then themes, and select the theme you use. There you find several files like Header.php, index.php, page.php, and also most of the time footer.php.

    If you dont have a footer.php, look in your index if you see the </body> </html> tags

    1) No, I have started my blog on my own with the FREE WORDPRESS blog account. Its a free blog that wordpress gives. I am too good, I know. :p Only if I knew how to do what.

    2) I have a free wordpress account.

    3) Where is the ‘host’ that you are talking about? How do I reach the host?

    The nearest that I have reached to an HTML kinda thing on my blog is…When I write a post or page…there is a option of writing in HTML

    The other one is when I go to Dashboard – Feedstats – This is your feed (at the bottom).

    I cannot see any other place such as Host, Wp-Content, etc.

    So let me know how do I reach the place where you want me to reach.

    Is this really difficult or am I really dumb regarding these things?

    Thanks again and again.

    Free wordpress acount? Like at wordpress.COM? We’re the .org folks.

    Don’t think you can edit your themes over there. But ask your question at their support forums and I’m sure someone will have some ideas.

    Hey both of you,

    Thanks for your help. I am going to . Let’s hope something works there.

    Cheers and Ciao till next time.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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