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  • I am having the same problem others have had with my wordpress stats plug in not working. I have read a few posts that say i need to have in the footer.php file before the </body> . I am using the Mandigo-14 theme and the problem I am having is that my footer file is empty, there is no </body>. where do i put this, and how might I get the stats working. any help will be VERY appreciated. I have tried everything else I can think of.

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  • Simply add the </body> tag right after the <?php wp_footer(); ?> and it should work, did for me 🙂

    This all goes at the end of the Footer Page as well.

    This plugin works for me on my blog, but not on my wife’s. I just created her blog and created her a new account. I used her API key for akismet and wordpress stats. The stats all show 0 hits. The funny thing is that she has a comment on her blog from someone, so obviously she has had at least 1 hit!

    Is this plugin now broken? When is the fix going to be released?

    If the WordPress Plugin shows a count of 0 the JavaScript – Code from WordPress stats might not be loaded. I had the problem, that I created a new footer.php – file and after the stats did not work but I had valid html – code in the footer-file. (This might be the same like changing a theme and it does not work any longer) But I got it solved now. I opened the blog (normal view, not the admin panel) with the working footer file and found some code like this:
    '< script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
    < script type="text/javascript">
    var load_cmc = function(){linktracker_init(XXX,0,2);};
    if ( typeof addLoadEvent != 'undefined' ) addLoadEvent(load_cmc);
    else load_cmc();'
    (The XXX are probably the individual lines) I copied out this lines and put them into the new footer-file. Now it works.
    Watch out, that you are not logged in. If you are logged in, the JavaScript – Code will not be displayed, because WordPress Stats Plugin does not count you (logged in). I use the install version of WP, not a hosted version on Version is 2.3.2.
    Hope, that helps or gives new solution hints.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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