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  • Hi Folks : I changed my blog template 2 days ago, and since then, my wordpress stats pulg-in has stopped working. I deleted the entire stats folder from the wp-content/plugins folder and then downloaded the plug-in and uploaded it again. It still isn’t working though. Any ideas on what could be causing the trouble?

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  • hi there. have you just upgraded to 2.6.5 wordpress? my stats have stopped working too after the upgrade

    Hey – No, I haven’t upgraded. I’m still on wordpress 2.5. It’s just the template that I changed, and the stats went off. Someone help please!

    I’ve also tried changing back the template to the old one, in case it’s the template that’s causing the problem. But that too hasn’t worked.

    Hi – Sorry for pushing this up again, but I seem to have tried every option including installing the free code from, but nothing is working. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I had this problem too. Go to the plug in homepage FAQ: Get the code under the question: What if the stats don’t start showing up? Do I need anything special in my theme?

    After I inserted this code into my theme, my stats showed up immediately

    Homestead, thanks for the response. I’m a bit confused – into which file do I insert this code? The theme editor shows me a number of files such as index.php, functions.php etc. None of them seem to end with a </body> tag as the instructions mention.

    My stats also stopped working today. I’m running 2.6 .. any ideas?

    Mine too…just stopped working this morning…no changes were made.

    So, if quite a few people are having this problem, is the issue something else? I read a note on another post though, with a similar issue, and the person mentioned having solved it with another plug-in called “statpress”. I’m going to try that. If anyone else has any ideas please let me know.

    same problem for me with the blocks template.

    homesteadtimes has the answer. for my template the header.php file is the one that has the </bold> tag in it. it’s likely the same for most/all of us regardless of whether we’re going with the vanilla wp template or not.

    i put the code in and it immediately starting counting hits.

    apusworld is also right, i think, that if this is so widespread a problem, there may be a bug in 265 to be fixed.

    I inserted the code in the footer.php, just before the end body tag. Hope this helps. (total newbie at all of this)

    Homestead and others, thanks. Somehow that didn’t work for me – I just couldn’t find the </body> tag in any of those. But – I deleted all of the existing plug-ins, and loaded in statpress instead. It began working almost immediately. So, that’s an alternative solution.

    I upgraded to WP 2.6.5 prior to installing wordpress stats. It works much of the time, but will periodically prompt me to login to view the stats… while i’m logged into the admin dashboard?
    Currently, it’s showing my ‘top posts’ on the upper right…. but requesting my login and password on the left side of the channel.
    Additionally, when I do provide my credentials, it tells me ‘Incorrect Password’.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

    Just got out of Firefox… and relogged into the blog admin
    The stats channel is showing a login screen on the left side of the channel… and top posts…. top searches… most active on the right.
    I’m obviously logged in…
    The stats are obviously logged in (if it can display the posts and searches)…
    So… what gives?
    Doesn’t sound like a config issue or it wouldn’t be able to display anything.

    I was able to access my stats from another machine for a while. Unfortunately, it too is now prompting me for a password… all while simultaneously displaying some information about top posts and searches, etc as described above.

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