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  • Help! Ever since I upgraded to 3.2 on July 8th, my stats have completely stopped recording hits. I have 0 hits as of July 8th, which if you go check my blog it is impossible. I’ve gotten at least thirty-some comments since July 8th.

    I’ve tried installing a different theme then reinstalling the current theme, but that didn’t work. I installed the WordPress Requirements Check and it says my server meets the minimum requirements for 3.2. Someone suggested I check the API, but I don’t know how/where to check that.

    I installed SlimStat and it shows I have 722 hits since July 13th, but none of them are showing up on my Stats, therefore Postrank keeps ranking all my posts as a 1.0 because there’s supposedly no hits.

    I thought the 3.2.1 update would fix the issue, but it hasn’t. Not to mention, my Dashboard toolbar that usually appears at the top of my page is gone.

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  • Usually when Stats quits working it’s because of a bug in the theme, a conflict with another plugin, a javascript error or a misbehaving widget. Any of these can cause the Stats code to be left out of the HTML or cause the tracking file not to be loaded. So I’d look at your blog’s HTML and see if it’s being cut off before the footer where the stats code lives. Then I’d check my browser’s console log for errors.

    If you post your blog URL I can look into these for you.

    Thanks for the response! I ended up fixing it by changing my theme and removing a few plugins ( Stats and a Blogroll widget) then I installed Jetpack for stats. All’s well so far and people like the new theme better anyway. 🙂

    The last week, the stats went right down to just about anything. i.e. yesterday showed 8 visit, but according to host gator, it shows 184 visit. It was working good for the longest time. I did not update to the latest version of WP as most of plug in are stating that compatibility is unknown.

    Where should I check? Can anyone help

    I have 2 website with the same problem (the only 2)

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