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  • Hi,

    My stats are not working. Please help?

    I’ve installed the stats widget, and it won’t work. When I try and put the code into the footer.php, it’s not even a body-tag in there in the first place.

    So I tried Statcounter. I got ONE hit registered, and then that stopped working too.

    The stats are working on my other sites, though, so I’m pretty sure I’m doing it right…

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  • Anyone?

    I was having a problem getting stats working too. This is what I did to fix the problem.
    1) Switch to the default wordpress theme
    2) Log out and clear all your internet browser history
    3) Get to your website and log in, go to the blog stats tab and then log in using your username. At this point with the default theme you should see at least one hit to your website. It happened right away for me without waiting or refreshing the screen (I’m not sure if this is normal or if you may have to wait a few minutes).

    Once you verify the default wordpress theme works, switch to any other theme, but make sure your theme has wp_footer in it. My theme ended up not having it in, even though I was sure it was there, when I looked again it wasn’t. I modified my theme to be just like the default theme, in which the very last line in my index.html/home.html/archive.html/etc is the PHP call to get_footer.php(i.e. “<?php get_footer(); ?>”), and the very last lines of my footer.php file looks something like:
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    Good luck.

    @lambert…thank you for your comment. It helped me get my stats back online.


    I think the problem is in footer.php, as this is all it says:

    <? eval(gzinflate(base64_decode(‘
    ‘))); ?>

    No body tag, no nothing.

    Any idea how to fix it? Could I just copy the information from another team and paste it in there, making sure the code for stats goes in there too?

    it’s the same problem i’ve had, where’s is this ‘BODY’ tag ’cause i haven’t found it anywhere? apart from the fact my stats have been up the shoot since last week, nobody has managed to tell me where the body tag is. i would love some help on this.

    i’ve done all the above, but i can only see php tags???

    Thanks a lot lambertt 🙂

    I was facing the same issue. Its updating now 🙂

    Thanks again…


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    If your theme has garbage code like that at the end of it, you need to decode it and replace it with normal code instead. A lot of crap themes include stuff like this in order to attempt to prevent people from removing links back to the theme author and such.

    Here’s how to undo these forms of encoding, on a general basis:
    1. Copy the section of code that contains the garbage into a new file. Call it temp.php or something.
    2. Execute the temp.php file.
    3. Copy and paste the output it produces over the garbage code.

    So, for example, if I take Huldremor’s code above and put it in a new file and run it, it produces this:

    <div id="footer">
      designed by: <a href="">Online Website Builder</a> and: <a href="">Web Hosting </a>Geeks | available free at: Top<a href=""> WordPress Themes</a>

    That can be used to replace the garbage code. Then it can even be edited to remove those links and such, if desired.

    Sometimes this general method won’t work, especially when the code has an “eval” in it. The solution here is to replace the “eval” with an “echo” and see what it produces instead. This will produce code which can often replace the old code as well.

    Better yet, if you find a theme with code like this in it: DON’T USE IT. Themes should never try to hide code from you, and any theme using code-hiding methods is automatically untrustworthy. Do not use themes with this stuff in it, do not use websites with themes like these on them. Go somewhere else. Go to the official themes repository instead.

    Thanks this post helped ALOT.

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