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    Something went very wrong with Jetpack stats yesterday. At some point mid morning (UK time) it decided to stop counting the majority of visitors to

    By the end of the day, Analytics was showing the usual 18,000 whilst JP had settled on 13,000.

    As I write this (8.30am UK) JP is showing 1,700 for the day to date whilst Analytics shows the usual 4,950.

    Any idea what can be causing this? I did very little work on the site yesterday so I doubt it can be linked to anything I have done. And JP Stats is working, just ignoring 2/3 of visitors. (It is possible it is just counting mobile? Wild guess.)


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    Thanks Jeremy, appreciate it.

    By the way, totally off topic, but since Adsense launched responsive ads for mobile ( ie Adsense show biggest ad it can given screen size) your Mobile Theme Ads plug in has become even more useful, ie more lucrative! Thanks for updating it this year.

    thanks Jeremy for your support! you rocks!

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    Jetpack Mechanic 🚀

    @rjburgess99 @aldon You’re welcome! Sorry again for the trouble

    @rjburgess99 Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad to hear my plugin is helpful. I’ll make sure to keep it up to date then!

    This is still happening to my site. My WP stats are more than cut in half! I’m getting only 50 hits an hour when it’s showing 400 plus as usual via feedjit. Please help!?!

    It just started happening to me about 4-5 hours ago. I was fine until then.

    Sadly, I’m having the same problem. This is in California. It started at 2:30 pm this afternoon California time. Normally on a Friday afternoon I would get about 175 to 200 views an hour. It came to an almost dead stop for several hours. Over the last 2 hours it’s slowly filling in views from 3 hours ago so it’s about 3 hours behind.

    My URL is

    Please help! Thanks!

    It’s gotten worse. Since it turned midnight, my stats remain at ZERO, although I’ve already gotten 70 hits. Please fix this as soon as you can.

    I am having exactly the same problem. Analytics show right for yesterday and today. JP shows almost zero visitors for me…

    I’ve been having the same issues the past couple of hours with my hits at 0 in jetpack. Also noting that when I visit the version of stats page it’s just a blank page altogether for both of my sites. I attached a screenshot of the stats page as an example.

    Same for me. verion of stats page is blank (no data). THX!

    I am also stuck at 0 but GA is showing views to my blog. This just started around midnight. I sent in a support ticket.

    When it is eventually fixed, will they fill in all the missing traffic from yesterday and today? I’m thinking that may not be possible. My ad publisher retrieves the all stats from wordpress, so this doesn’t bode well for some who monetize their site.

    good to know it aint just my website as my Jetpack Stats count is @ 0 as well…

    the problem appears again! today stats are zero!

    My stats are back and it looks like it’s filling in all the missing traffic. I only hope it doesn’t happen again mid-afternoon like it did yesterday!

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 36 total)
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