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  • Reza



    Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m Mohammadreza from the VeronaLabs customer support team.

    Unfortunately, WP Statistics doesn’t support this feature in the current version.
    But we would appreciate you if you give us more information about your ideas in this case. I will share your opinion with our team, and maybe we will add it to our plugin in future updates.

    Best Regards

    Thread Starter ante1974


    Hello @reventon94,

    Well I run a site where multiple authors post content in the form of posts and products (WooCommerce). What I would like to see is a widget on the author’s dashboard, so that when they log in they can see their products and pages/posts with how many people have viewed them.

    If there was the ability to track downloads and time on page that would be interesting too.


    Reza, Good afternoon!
    I need statistics on specific authors for a certain period, for example for the last month with the following data:
    1. How many posts were posted during the period by a particular author.
    2. Post title with a link to view the post.
    3. The number of unique views of each post for a certain period (excluding robots and views less than 15 seconds).
    4. The total number of unique views of all posts from one author.

    These statistics would be very useful for sites with a large number of authors.

    And if you also make it possible to calculate remuneration for each author, indicating the cost of 1 post and the cost for every 1000 views, then it will be great in general.

    What from this list can your plugin do?
    I watched your demo, but did not see that the plugin can take into account statistics for a certain period on the number of views and posts.

    Will you be able to implement such statistics and in what time frame?`



    Hi @alshoker and @ante1974,

    Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your ideas.

    Some of these features are currently supported by WP Statistics.
    You can get information about all authors by visiting the Authors page on the WP sidebar, under the Statistics menu. Also, you will get a piece of detailed information about every single author by clicking on their name.
    Dashboard > Statisitics > Authors

    Please check this page and tell me what new feature you suggest we add to WP Statistics.

    Best Regards

    Thread Starter ante1974


    Hi @reventon94

    Would you be able to update us on whether you are going to add individual author statistics on the authors own dashboard page, perhaps in the form of a widget, showing (specific to each author):

    Number of post/page/product views per day/month
    Number of downloads
    Average time on page per post/page/product

    I don’t think these are in the current version.


    Hey Reza (@reventon94)!
    Thank you for your reply! )
    Unfortunately, the statistics that I wrote about above are not in the plugin.
    There are no summary statistics for all posts by authors. Only “popular posts” statistics are displayed, but this information is of no practical use.
    The statistics filter for the period does not work, the data for all time is displayed.

    To make it clearer what I need, imagine that you have 30 authors who write news and the salary of each author depends on the number of news posted per month and the traffic received for the news for a certain period (for example, last month).

    Also, there should be a filter by categories of news, because different categories of news can be paid differently. For example, to be able to highlight specific news or article headings.

    I also noticed a bug in your plugin, in the statistics for “Authors” users with “Editor” rights are not displayed.

    And one more thing: graphs are beautiful, but with a large amount of data it would be nice if the statistics could be uploaded to a CSV file for further processing.
    I think that all this is not difficult to do if you understand the practical benefits of the data received.

    I would love to buy your plugin, but please make it workable.

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