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  1. turtletrax
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I'm posting this here because the same question has gone unanswered at the StatPress forum for three days now.

    I have not been able to find anything that describes StatPressUpdate or when I should use it. I'd assumed I only needed to use it if I'd done something to alter my table structure, but nothing here or at the StatPress forum helped me.

    I noticed that the number of feeds every day was wrong. I knew I had feeds but the count was 0. I tried StatPressUpdate and then I could see a number of feeds. Whether it's right or not I have no idea, but I need to press StatPressUpdate every day to get a feed number to show up. This seems wrong to me.

    Also, I noticed an IP for a Yahoo! spider that wasn't in the spiders table. I added it and used StatPressUpdate, but the IP still shows up as a visitor. (I have turned on the option not to count spiders.) What's up with that?

    I used MySQL to update all the references to this IP in the wp_statpress table so that they were marked as a spider, but that didn't help. In the Details display, the top visitor by far is this bloody spider and I was hoping that stat would get recalaculated. Apparently it doesn't.

    Any clarification here would be appreciated.

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