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  • Statpress has been working perfectly for almost 3 years on my WP blog, but in the past 3 days some issue has arisen that I have never seen before.

    The top barchart ends last Friday May 10 – the days since do NOT display. Nor does anything below the bar charts area either.

    Only change I had to make mid last week, was to turn Compatibility view ON for IE 10 so that my LinkedIn discussions could be edited….

    I’ve done all the normal win7 fixes for IE10 – cleared cache, reloaded page etc…and nothing appears after May 10 or below the bar chart!

    Help here?

    Further – i was able to export out a .csv file, that should have been for all stats from May 9 to today – yet the rows end around 7500 on May 10th….ie it appears there are NO stats past same?


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  • Further – tried the site in Chrome – still no stats.

    Went to another WP site on same server – and in IE 10 & Chrome the stats all appear as they should – hence my conclusion the error is not server based but domain based.

    My next step is to unhook all plugins and then add them backin 1 by 1 – unless someone knows that this is an issue others are facing too?

    Further – uninstalled Statpress – deactivated all other plugins – installed 1.4.1 and updated….still no stats at all past MaY 10th and nothing below the bar chart either…

    So….can someone help here? oh, also, when I try to go to the plugin home site all I get is a 404….


    I pass. have unistalled this abandonware and will instead use slimstats….as they have an active support network !

    good luck to those of you hwo tough it out with this one….

    As one of the developers behind WP SlimStat, I am happy to welcome you into our user community!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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