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  • I’m on a host with cPanel and Webalizer stats. Previously, I could see in my Webalizer stats, under Total Referrers, lots of different pages referring visitors to my site. Most pages listed were from my own site, since I had internal links, but also listed were always a number of search engines, webmail services, miscellaneous pages from websites to blogs to message boards.

    Every since transitioning my site to WordPress a few months ago, it seems that the number of other pages listed has gone down a lot, with my Referrers now being almost entirely internal, i.e., my own pages.

    Could this because of all the different related/recent post/comment listings on every page, and/or all the different dynamically created archives? Do these gives bots a lot more internal links to crawl that then end up taking over one’s Referrer stats? Something else entirely going on here? Any insight would be appreciated.

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