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  • ccheaton


    I’m just curious how important having access to a counter and/or statistics is to you. I have been through several different statistics programs, and finally settled on BBClone:
    Check out their demo to see how it works.
    Why? Well, for one thing, it fascinates me to see where people are hitting my sites from. Secondly, once I get my act together, I want to get the word out about my public health site and try to attract users from public health schools around the world. BBClone has a DNS resolving feature built into it that will return to me the domain name of most visitors. (I currently have this turned off, due to a performance drag.)
    There’s a local file that installs with the software that references IP addresses to countries, so it’s fun, to me, to see the country flags.
    I don’t have a visual counter displayed on any of my pages, because my opinion is that they can do two different things: wow people by showing them there are a ton of hits, or prompt them to leave more quickly because of low traffic.
    BBClone doesn’t use a database, which is a little unique.
    Overall, I’m a numbers kind of guy, and I like to look at the data, so it’s 75% self-serving. The other 25% is site-serving. Do you use a counter or statistics program? Which one? Why? How often do you look at the numbers?

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  • criticali


    Hits and visits are my only reason for existing. 🙂
    But (more) seriously, folks…. I certainly like knowing how much traffic I’m getting, and from where. Half the fun is being led to the referring sites that I’d been previously unaware from.
    I just installed the industry standard: Sitemeter. The novelty for me is enough satisfaction. I might switch it at some point.



    I tried to install AW Stats, but it was a disaster, and still isn’t working. Ugh… I wish I knew more about Linux. The documentation is horrid.



    I could care less. I hardly ever check my sites’ stats unless I’m just feeling curious.



    Statistics: how important are they to you? … Simple, they’re not.



    i dont care abt traffic… more interested in knowing refers. 🙂



    I’m not as much interested by statistics than by knowing if something I’ve written has a good chance of being read in the future, i.e. googled (mostly concerning code snippets in various language I post on my blog). So I wrote my own version of a “hit counter”, which keeps tracks of the number of page displays, direct hits, direct hits coming from Google, and even the number of times the Googlebot crawled that page 🙂



    The other thing that I use it for:
    I have some family-oriented sites (for my family): a discussion board, genealogy software, etc… It’s all done in an attempt to bring all of my family members together for online discussion. It’s catching on… I watch the stats to see who visits, and then I pelt the other members of my family with harassing emails until they do! 😉
    Heh.. not really. I just encourage.

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