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    I am getting a little too many clicks on my links and I have figured my Statistics database from thirstyaffiliates is becoming huge.

    I have now disabled the module because I don’t need to see the stats in there but I was wondering:

    how I can safely delete all the clicks databases that I no longer need for sure!


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    To reset your stats data, you’d need to truncate the following tables:

    TRUNCATE TABLE www_ta_link_clicks;
    TRUNCATE TABLE www_ta_link_clicks_meta;

    Please make sure to create a database backup before proceeding in case something goes wrong.

    To keep them from building up, you can enable the auto clicks deleting feature under ThirstyAffiliates->Settings->General section.

    Set it to maybe 90 days to start.

    It might take a day or two for it to trim out the old hits.

    Please note that trimming old clicks is the permanent deletion of that data though.

    The stats trimmer runs on the first day of each month, so you can use a plugin like WP Crontrol to edit the implement_stats_trimmer cron and set it to run October 1st (that should force it to run now).

    Plugin Author Caseproof


    Hi again,

    Just a small note: I noticed that I wrote the wrong table prefixes in my previous reply.

    These are the correct ones:

    TRUNCATE TABLE wp_ta_link_clicks;
    TRUNCATE TABLE wp_ta_link_clicks_meta;

    You might need to change the wp_ part if your database uses a different prefix.


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    yeah, I figured you missed the wp_ but I was not sure which ones were the tables in the first place and if using: truncate or delete, so now I have deleted them all, I had one table that was 3.6GB, a little too big!

    thanks a lot

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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