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  • I get statistic recorded just one in a while. I know only completed tests are recorded, but I’m doing some testing with compulsory answers (so the test is forcefully completed) and only some of the tests I complete are recored.

    Since I plan to use this for a language level test, knowing correct and incorrect answers is crucial.

    I’m also planning to ask the author for a customization by hiring him, so I’m really interested in this plugin!

    Thanks for any help!

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  • Stop the e-mails for user and for the admin. This is a known bug after some new WP version and unfortunately the editor of the plug-in is not answering.

    @mrjive I agree with @nsaral that this is a known bug, not sure what causes it exactly, possibly a PHP that happens when the emails are being sent out. Stopping the emails seems to solve it.

    I’ve built QuizMaster (new plugin based on WP Pro Quiz) and we made the emails a post type (quizmaster_email) partly to solve this, as well as rebuilding the statistics system. Currently we still save the quiz score at completion, but that’s actually not a stable design. We have plans to change it so that the quiz score is saved when the user starts the quiz. And every time they answer a question, we’ll update that score. That also helps to support features like start a quiz, leave and return to finish it. And it helps prevent cheating on quizzes that should only be taken once, like exams. We have a school system planning to use QuizMaster, so we are taking steps like this to prevent cheating and to support more formal testing. If a users internet connection fails for example we don’t want to lose their partially completed quiz.

    I’m very interested in seeing your language learning site. Are you familiar with DuoLingo? We are building a theme for QuizMaster based on DuoLingo, it’s a child theme for TwentySeventeen.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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