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  • Hello,
    Which is the easiest way to get the statistic of the searched terms people typed in the WordPress search box?

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  • I’m not sure if WordPress actually logs this… You might have to use your server logs for it.

    Ok, thanks. Is there any software/script, which could extract that information from the logs?

    I use AWStats for my site stats (it’s not really specialized for WP… but theoretically it could be modified to look for WP specific search URLs)… pretty much I just use it to see what google/other search terms people use to get to my site 🙂

    Ive actually already done this… when users search your blog through the search box, the global variable $s exists, I wrote a script which, in short, basically tested to see if $s existed, if it did, the value of $s would be inserted into my database.
    Im not at home right now, Ill post it tomorrow when I get the chance.
    check out this tool…

    Wow, no update for months. MT had a nice little feature where I could see the search terms typed into the search box on my web site, and the IP that did the searching. All this info, as well as who logged in when, and who posted what when, all with IP addys, is saved to the Activity Log.
    Skeen, do you have that as a plugin or is this even possible? This is one thing I miss moving over. Kinda like the only thing. 😉

    there is a very comprehensive plugin that was under development just yesterday in version 2… cant find the link. damn…

    Augh! 🙂 Well, keep looking please! I’ll continue my Google search. I really would like something like this. It’d make WordPress pretty complete for me.
    Feels better and better dumping MT and leaving it in the dust.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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