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  • Hi, I’ve recently installed Staticize reloaded and it works like a charm, but one small issue appears to cause problems for the frontpage: If you have a lot of visitors around, a lot of them make comments, which increases the serverload a lot.

    Is there a way to a: disable the commentcount as a trigger for regeneration (or better: have it done once a minute or so) or b: make the frontpage static but have the commentcounts parsed some other way like JavaScript?

    It would be great if somebody has some experience with this.

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  • Actually, it doesn’t work like a charm without modifications — there was no file locking initially, which is why you currently have two copies of your front page. 😉

    WP-Cache is one follow-on to the Staticize code, designed for WP1.5. If you aren’t using 1.5, let me know and I can help provide some tweaks/fixes.

    Unfortunately, if you are using comment counts, it basically HAS to regenerate the static page. But if your visitor count is much greater than your comment count, then you’re still ‘winning’ in performance.

    You may also want to look into some of the comment-count optimizations. I think there’s a few plugins out there that help, and I’ve got one I’ve been working on. Comment counts are sometimes a big cause of perf issues.


    Yeah I want to take a look at those comments plugin. But which one? You have a name? Or names.

    I am running 1.5 – since about three days 🙂 I’ll have a look at WP Cache as well. If that one works better..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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