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  • I’m having some trouble with my static page. So when I go to the reading settings and change my front page to display my latest posts, after awhile they disappear (refresh 3-4 times). But when I create a static page (Front Page: Home, Posts Page: Blog) everything is fine. I can’t figure out what the problem is!

    I am trying to make my home page where all of the recent posts are but contain all of my posts in the travel blogs page. Can anyone walk me through this?

    Thanks in advanced

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  • Try deactivating your plugins to see if one may be causing that problem.

    What theme are you using?

    First, I’m new to WordPress. I have installed WordPress 3.5.1. I am using the Twenty Twelve theme. I have set a static front page. According to the instructions on this site, the sidebar should have been retained, but there is no sidebar. Instead, widgets are placed at the bottom of the page. Is there a way to have a sidebar with this configuration?

    Just in case this is important, I am running WordPress locally using WAMP.

    I am using the Vortext theme. Thanks for the suggestion will be playing around with the plugins

    Also, do you happen to know whenever I add a “feature picture” on my post it never shows up. But, when I manually add a picture in the beginning of the post, both show up. It only happens on this one particular posts but not any of my other ones!

    Is this the theme? – if so, best to post there so the theme developer sees your questions. I’m not familiar with that theme, so not sure how it works.

    Also make sure you don’t have any caching enabled on your site if you are having issues with things not changing as you expect them to.

    @leora1945 – if you need help, please start a new thread rather than posting in someone else’s. You don’t have the same issue and it does not work to help two people at the same time. Start here:

    Wow I had no idea developers had their own threads, Thank you!

    LOL – well, there is a large variation in how much support theme developers provide, but yes, that’s the intention :)!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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