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  • Seahawksean


    Has anyone figured out how to make a completely static website with Customizr? I know Customizr is based on twitter bootstrap that offers a fixed layout but this still scales down when the browser window is reduced. However, I don’t want my site to scale down when the browser window is shrunk, nor do I want it to get larger when the window is expanded. I just want it to be an old fashioned static site.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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  • rdellconsulting


    Have to ask the question, Why? !



    The answer I think is that you’d have to edit the (color).css file pretty heavily.

    You’ll find lots of references to ‘fluid’ which you’d have to take out.

    Some explanation here:



    Thanx for the reply @rdellconsulting.

    LOL! How did I know I would be asked that?

    After developing my site for a responsive layout my client has decided to “keep it simple” and wants the site static now. Trying to find a simple way to do that without having to start all over.

    I’ve already looked at that link and a couple of others. I followed the suggestions and put a fixed with on the header/footer/main content containers but everything still scales. I changed the couple of “row-fluid”s I had, to just “row”in my php files. And in firebug I can see all the spans are in pixels, but when I change the browser size, everything still scales. I even removed all the media queries, thinking Didn’t think it would be this difficult to make all this static.

    I was hoping to not have to delete all that stuff from the color.css but I’ll give it a try I suppose.

    Oh, and I forgot to include the link to my site.

    I’ll keep hunting for a solution and post it here if I find one.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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