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    This might be an odd one, but wanted to throw it out there as I know many folks are experiencing this problem.

    Feedburner used to be great. Google has apparently abandoned it and left a large user base struggling to get support. I won’t lament the situation, but here’s what I’m doing, and trying to do.

    I have a wordpress site that is wrapped inside an EV SSL cert. Feedburner has always given me trouble with it, but has finally explosively vomited HTTP 400 errors upon itself every time it tries to fetch the feed. Reverting to no SSL over the base site causes things to fix themselves. For my site, I still want to use my SSL cert on the user experience, but not for the RSS Feed.

    Based on the way WordPress works, I can’t find a way to force a specific URL to be visited without a mod_rewrite to index.php. Once the mod_rewrite happens, the whole site goes into SSL and then we have vomit from Feedburner.

    Is there a way to craft a specific set of parameters to WordPress to get it to just display the feed without redirecting to index.php? If I need to have a static feed generated for Google to fetch, that’s fine as well. Just trying to figure out a way that I can let my RSS FEED queries go straight through without SSL and then have all of my non feed queries be wrapped in SSL.

    Very keen to see a solution here for everyone suffering from Feedburner’s demise.

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  • Here’s how I fixed it. I made a mod_rewrite condition (RewriteCond) that excluded any Feedburner user agent (thankfully that was intact and correct). So my rewrites to force all traffic through my SSL site EXCEPT for Feedburner’s queries is:

    RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !^FeedBurner
    RewriteRule (.*){REQUEST_URI}

    So there we go, that has solved ALL of my FeedBurner problems.

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