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  • Hello, all —

    I’ve just discovered the magic that is static pages. Here’s a question, though: my static page doesn’t have all of the same elements of the theme that the rest of the blog does. I’m sure this is a feature; after all, for some static pages, you wouldn’t want all that! However, in this case, I do. I’d like my static pages to retain all the elements of the particular theme (in this case, it appears that my static pages don’t make use of the sidebars or the footer).

    I’m using WP 1.5 (the theme I’m using is Trident 1.5 by Frederic de Villamil, if that helps).

    Any ideas as to how to do that?


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  • By static pages, I’m sure you’re talking about the Pages function in 1.5. Those aren’t technically “static” but act in the same way. They work based off the template page.php which is located in your themes folder. So if you want your Pages to look like the rest of your blog, just edit the pages.php file to resemble your index.php file.

    Alternatively delete pages.php. It will then use index by default. Where was your theme downloaded from?

    Before deleting template files, why not take a look at Creating individual Pages to help you set this up right.

    Gotta correct Lorelle’s link, it should be;

    Thanks muchly for the helpful information, everyone.

    Well, I have searched for “static pages” and cannot find where I should set a blog to generate TRULY static pages, including any comments that are written to them?

    I would like my site to be rebuilt just like MT, because I don’t want any database connections dedicated to this site, however fast the dynamic PHP is these days.

    Thanks for any guidance or pointers, I tried searching but most posts in this forum write “static” in the subject but go ahead to ask an unrelated question. Thanks.

    um, i dont think that’s possible with WP to do what you want craigm.

    Shucks, that’s sad. I almost converted to WP. The “features list” on that labyrinthine wiki site mentioned that 1.5 has static pages ( Perhaps someone should update it so people like me don’t waste any time groping for info. Thanks for your answer.

    Perhaps someone should update it so people like me don’t waste any time groping for info.

    Perhaps it’s a problem with semantics. WordPress 1.5 has a feature for content that is not in the ordinary flow of “posts” meaning more static content. However, aside from various staticizing plugins WordPress is always a dynamic piece of software. Seriously, if you want something that gets rebuilt like MT, likely MT is your best bet.

    Thanks for the info. Can you please point me to the staticizing plugins I could consider?

    MT is a very limiting piece of software for what I want to achieve (the way categories and all their entries are listed, etc, let’s not go into it) and WP looks perfect for my needs. I have the blog set up just how I want it, but now I’d like to “staticize” it if possible as I’m running out of DB connections as it is.

    Actually, I’ll just a link I found to WP-Cache just in case someone is looking for static pages in the future:

    Some keywords: static, staticize, caching, cache.

    No matter what, you still need a database to use WP, even with the hack you’ve found.

    I posted this a few times now over the last couple days on different threads without a clear answer (clear to me anyway). I NEED my front page to be a WP “page” and the news link I created to reference the “index.php” blog area. I tried Ryan’s code and the semi-static plug in but after I get the frontpage to display the link to the “index.php” just refreshes the “page.php” and does not redirect. Can someone PLEASE help me understand this- it is vital for the finishing of the website.


    I did use “home.php” but when viewing that page, if you click the link that goes to “index.php” all it does is refesh the “home.php” page- so you can not offically get to the blogging area.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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