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  • Hello… After creating a static home page with blog, all sidebar widgets on the right side move downward — no longer aligned with the image slider. If I remove the static page and the blog becomes the home page, all the widgets appear as normal. They are aligned with the image slider.

    Have a look here…

    Can anyone tell me how to correct this issue?


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  • Currently your sidebar html resides next to the main content of the website and not the slider.

    If you simply move your sidebar div up so that it is sitting next to the slider div then it will work.

    You’ll need to contact WooThemes for help as commercial themes are not supported here.

    You might also try using Firebug to see what is going on with the CSS and layout of the page.

    Update: It appears that my image slider may be causing the problem.

    1. Tried a different theme – right widgets still fall below
    2. Changed all published post to draft – didn’t work
    3. When I go to any one of my article posts all widgets align correctly because there is no image slider.

    I am using the DisplayBuddy (image slider) plugin. If anyone is familiar with this plugin and has a solution, I appreciate any help.

    Note: This is a PLR theme (Headlines Enhanced, ver. 2.3) that I’m using – purchased from a 3rd party. This theme came with the DisplayBuddy plugin. I cannot contact either vendor for help because I never purchased the theme nor plugin from those vendors.

    Correction to #1: Right widgets did align correctly when using a different theme.

    You can fix the problem by putting a negative top margin on the sidebar — although that may mess up the layout on other pages. There might be a way to target this style on only that page, but your site crashed before I could look into that more. This is the CSS you might try:

    #sidebar {
        float: right;
        margin: -325px 25px 0 0;
        width: 320px;

    BUT, FYI, by forum policy commercial themes are not supported here no matter what your particular situation is, so you might have to hire someone to help you or pay for support from the vendor in question.

    Understood… Thanks for trying to help.

    My sidebar css:

    /* 2.5 Sidebar */
    #sidebar{width:320px; float:right; margin:25px 25px 0 0;}
    #sidebarfeatured {width:320px; float:right; margin:-322px 25px 0 0;}

    … But my focus is on the image slider. When I remove it the sidebar is correct. When I remove the static home page/blog setup the sidebar is correct.

    I will close this post. Again, thanks for your help.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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