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  • The title of a static page isn’t included in the <title> tag. Is this going to change in the course of the WP development?

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  • *knock*

    what do you mean?

    WP 1.3 (under development as mentioned above) supports the creation of static pages. In contrary to the usual blog entries, these static pages have no visible title, neither at the beginning of the page nor in the <title> tag (shown by the browser).

    You can create a specific “page.php” file and drop it in the WP dir. WP 1.3 will then use that page instead of the standard “index.php” to render your static pages. While I haven’t looked into the title issue specifically, I’m sure you can a meta title directive to that page and have it filled out automatically by WP.

    OK, I’ll see…

    I’m using static pages instead of WordPress’s function, and I just make a variable before I call wp-header.php. That variable contains my preferred title, and then I call it like this:
    <title>Zooiblog<?php if($variable) { echo $variable; } ?></title>
    Works like a charm.

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    So your fix should be included in the next nightly build?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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