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  • Sorry I don’t understand your question. You can access your static page will the real file name too. Care to explain it a bit more?

    Sure. I don’t know the real file name of my static pages, that’s what I’m asking for… 😉

    Are you talking about the “Pages” functionality in WP1.3? IF so, read on. If not, then ????
    NOTES, WARNINGS, DISCLAIMERS: As the 1.3 release is still in alpha mode, the following information is subject to change. Additionaly, this information is given to the best of my knowledge and may or may not be 100% right.
    As I understand it, the “Pages” funtionality does not produce truly static pages. They are still stored in the database, so there is no “real” url for them.

    Well, this is the BETA forum, so I’m talking about the static pages in WP 1.3 indeed! 😉
    Thank you for your help!

    Let it go for now. Obviously this portion of 1.3 is “under construction” and will continue to change and develop. It was mentioned in a thread awhile back by one of the devs that “site” was just temporary (as I recall) while things get implemented.

    Yes, I understand it will get fixed, I’m just asking if anyone knows how to modify the mod_rewrite rules so that it will work correctly.

    Works correctly for me as is.

    Maybe I have a newer version from the CVS but when I create a static page I can link to it with
    and the rewrite rule WP created was:
    RewriteRule ^about/?$ /wordpress/index.php?pagename=about

    beel, where do you set up the link in the pages manager? is it somehow in the “page parent” or the “page template” ? if i copy the link location it makes in the manager its this-
    I have my wordpress in a directory in the root, im not sure why I get a double index here…

    does Google spide these”static” pages ok?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Yes – Google sees all 🙂
    If it’s linked, Google will see it.

    Google is always keen on permanent links created by WordPress! 🙂

    They’re not static… where do you people get this?

    They are “static” as opposed to being an actual post. It’s sort of a “special” category such that they don’t appear as part of the regular posts in a blog, but rather in a “separate” area.
    What else would you call them?

    Just call them “Pages”. Calling them “Static” is very confusing, especially since the the staticize plugin is being packaged with the nightlies.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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