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  1. digne
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Site: http://www.elizabethhanbury.com/

    This site used to have a page in the pages section selected as the front page in Settings > Readings.

    I changed that from "a static page" to "your latest posts" so that the site would use a new template for home: home.php. This has mostly worked fine.

    However the News page, a page in the pages section that had the most recent blog posts, has somehow lost it's connection to the blog. I put up a message saying the page was temporarily down (part of the page has always been editable in the pages section).

    See the News page:

    Blog posts can be access through the archive links.

    home.php does not have the WordPress Loop and I'm wondering if changing the settings in Readings caused the site to assume blog posts would be used on home.php and thus no longer necessary on the News page.

    If I can't get the posts back can I put the php code calling the archive links into the News page in the pages section (ie. not on a template file)?

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