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  • Okay, quick overview of my setup:

    Server type: WINNT
    Web Server: IIS v6
    Wordpress: 3.5.1

    Directory structure:

    Root Directory: Place4Musicians
    Sub Directory: Joomla (I tried to remove this but certain configurations did not work correctly, so I inserted and ASP redirect script)

    Sub Directory of Joomla:
    + Music (holds my vBulletin Forum)
    + News (Created this for WordPress)

    Right now if you type the URL the redirect will take you to

    Because I’m using a Windows server I had to set Permalinks to Post Name.

    Steps I took to create a static page. Please note that I have another static page as well that has a tab to take you there.

    1) Created 2 new pages. One I titles: Welcome To Place 4 Musicians (static page to be set for the home page.) The other I named News.

    2) Creating pages does not create tabs with the template that I’m using, but I can create the tabs myself through Appearance > Menus so I did that.

    3) Settings > Reading and selected the static page then set the home page to “Welcome to Place 4 Musicians”, then the Post page I set to News.

    Right now as I mentioned early I have a temporary fix in place by leaving the Reading settings set to “your latest post” and the redirect taking you to the home page I made.

    Here is the primary problem. When I would select the “News” tab the only post you could see was the home page post. You could not view any of the other posts unless you selected the category widget. The second problem I had was that if you logged in on the home page, you were not logged in to WP. That was a mystery to me!

    As I said currently I have it rigged to work, but I shouldn’t have to do this. If someone could help me with any number of these little problems I would appreciate it very much.

    Many Thanks!

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