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  • Hi, all,

    I’m working on the site I’m trying to set up a static landing page that you arrive at when you go to that URL. Then the blog posts would be listed through a static page called “Blog.” Here’s what I did:

    • I followed this codex page as best as possible, since it takes me a long time to understand the behind-the-scenes aspects/logic of WordPress:
    • I created a custom template PHP file for the landing page (called landingpage.php) that I selected as the template when I made a new page titled “Free Ebook: Live Long and Prosper.”
    • I made another new page called “Blog” with no custom template.
    • I set my static front page to the “Free eBook” page, and my static blog page to “Blog.”
    • I added a home.php file to my theme’s folder as the codex page said.

    However, when I go to, I only get a redirect loop error. Visiting (the URL for the page) doesn’t work either. But I can visit my static blog page ( just fine, and everything works there. So it’s JUST the index landing page that simply won’t load.

    Permalinks ARE on, I’ve cleared my cookies for my site several times, I’ve got the home.php added for the WordPress logic to call on. Nothing’s working. I have two custom templates in my theme folder – could this be one of the issues?

    I appreciate anyone’s help on this in advance. This landing page needs to get up this week and it’s stressing me out!

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