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  • Hi – Im sorry to repost but Id kinda like some ideas – any 🙂
    Im new, using default theme 1.5. using the “Static Page Plugin” to make a “home” page my opening page. This works well.
    The problem is that when I open WP, the Page List – ie all my static pages is not populated. But when I go open any link or category – the page list is populated then – so the first opening doesnt show my page list.
    Im sure its something Ive left out of the startup but canot see it- any ideas
    Thanks all.

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  • Hi Kafkaesqui, sorry, I must have missed your original post almost as I wrote the new.
    To answer your query:
    1/ Im using the “semiologic” plugin recommended in Codex.
    2/ I have with my limited knowledge looked at the code of archive.php and index.php to see if I missed anything. The thing I am not sure of is if there is something I need to do with a home.php – The codex Im still coming to grips with 🙂
    3/No its not public, but you can view my “test” site
    There is still a lot to do and Im a learnatic.

    Thanks for your perseverance.

    Looking at Denis’ plugin, I can’t say what would cause it to cut off Page listings. Off-the-wall thought: perhaps a conflict with passing custom permalinks through index.php? Or maybe there’s something going on with the 3-col Kubrick you’re using. Do you see this in other themes?

    In any case, Denis watches this thread for support issues on his plugin:

    Thanks for the thoughts,
    I was originally using the stanard 2col default 1.5 Kubrick and had the same problem so its not the new 3col.
    No all themes react same. I have just been pouring over the semiologic site and his descriptn and as far as I can tell all is ok.
    I also suspect the index.php/permalinks thingy.
    I have a hassle with my host – cant use htaccess – so use the non htaccess method of permalinks – well intend to cos Ive got no idea how yet 🙂
    Is it likely I need to edit index.php??
    In your experience – has the non htaccess caused similar errors of initial display of links? My host can make the changes tio allow certain requests but this is beyond my tech knowledge to know EXACTLY waht to ask for 🙂

    Hi all,
    Just a followup in case folk were “curious”. IT NOW WORKS.
    I upgraded to 1.5.1 last night from 1.5 (using both standard kubrik and mod kubrik and also tested 2 other themes)
    The static page plugin now works, ie shows home page AND populates the Page list on load(which it didnt before – at least on my install).
    So – happy, typing, hacking and muddling on 🙂
    Keep well


    I’m experiencing a similar problem: I can create pages and I can view them in my browser, but the “Manage -> Pages” section says that I don’t have any pages.

    On another installation I cannot provoke this behavior. Both are WP, use the same template “Mallow” and are in the same hosting enviroment. By deactivating all plugins one by one I tried to blame one of them, but it didn’t change anything.

    Any ideas?

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