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    I am sure I will get a bunch of rude replies, or “you should read the codex first” type of responses here, but I have no other option but to request further help.

    I have an existing site, with a few blog entries and several static pages. This morning everything was great, pretty urls ( for example. Something happened that caused me to lose my permalinks, according to my host (godaddy). And if I use wrong terminology I apologize. I was told if I switch the permalinks to default in the admin panel then update, then switch it back to custom, I should then be able to put the static pages back to friendly urls. NOT WORKING. I have spent hours reading the codex and the forums and have tried everything I came acrossed. Everytime I switch to “custom” I lose all links and get 404. I am sure I am missing a step or 2, and I am guessing it has something to do with .htaccess or mod_rewrite, or something else I know nothing about. But NONE of the posts I have read explain each step I need to take.

    To add to the problem, the domain transfer from my old host is not complete yet, I am still in the 5 day window, and I do not know if this has any affect on what I am trying to accomplish.

    Has anyone seen a post that will get me the help I need, or will anyone take the time to open up a line of communication to walk me through fixing one of the pages, so that I can then go and fix the other ones? I do not know where else to turn, short of taking a wordpress for idiots class, or paying a web designer to fix this issue for me.

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