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  • I have a static website that contains a blog (WP) and forum (PHPbb). I want to turn the static into a WordPress website. I uploaded WP, made my index.htm page my theme’s home.php page by renaming it so that the site is still up and running without disruption.


    I am ready (meaning I have the time) to convert the static site with 125+ pages and need some guidance.

    (I tried to use HTML Import with one file but it did not work, nor did I totally understand how to use it.)

    I am not looking for a quick fix but rather information as to what effect the change will have on the other aspects of the website.

    1. Can I have a wordpress blog contained within a wordpress site? Right now I have this blog:
    It has its own URL also at:
    Will changing the static site to a wordpress site be possible?

    2. Can I have a phpbb forum contain within a wordpress site? Right now I have this forum:
    Will this also be possible?

    3. I have HTML on Pages installed as well as Redirection (not activated yet). This I hope will cover me for maintaining the HTM structure I have on the static site. So, do I just convert page by page of the static into a PAGE on the new wordpress install? And then when I need to go deeper into the hierarchy of the site, do I add those pages as children of parent pages? For instance:
    Would this be a child to the page Crime Library?

    4. Are there any other plugins that might help me?

    5. Can I put the main WP site into Maintenance mode but still have the forum and the Mondo Blog be accessible and operational? Is there a way to only put part of the site in Maintenance mode?

    6. I do not want comments on the new WP site, but do allow them for the existing blog. Will disabling comments and authors in the new install affect the existing blog? And will any of this ruin anything I have currently working (the forum for instance).

    Thank you all in advance.

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