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  • I searched and didn’t see any posts about this except for some comments I left in other posts.

    I would love the ability to output my blog to html either as a whole or selectively. There are several php/cgi programs out there that do this kind of thing like Links 2.0 and X-cart.

    My most pressing need is to easily output to a text file or static html file the text of my most recent post. Furthermore, I need the ability to specify how many characters to output. For example, I have a non-wordpress page that I would like add “Most Recent Blog Entry” to. There is room for only 500 characters but the most recent entry might be 1500 characters. I’d like to specify an output of 500 characters only, formatted or non-formatted, so that I may use a simple SSI (server side include) or PHP include on a non-wp page. CG-FeedReader works but requires me to change to a php file extension and that’s not possible for page I’m working on. It also doesn’t let you limit characters.

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