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  • Hi there to all, i’m new here and i’ve just downloaded WordPress, cause i want to get my gaming web site more dynamic and WordPress is perfect suited for my intentions.

    After this, i need some informations.

    My actual site, has static html pages (the only dinamic thing is the graphic template that is re-called in every page with php commands, but the content of the article are static and pure html files).
    So, what i’m asking is: how can i transfer all this HTML static content to WordPress without cut and past every single article? (cause we have something like hundreds and hundreds articles).

    Similiar problem is with the News system.
    Infact, we use Coranto that use a flat .txt db to store articles we have thousands and thousands of Coranto news (since 2002) so i need a way to transfer them automatically in Word Press, since that i cannot do all this once by once, cause it would require entire years.
    So, i ask you, Is there an automatic way, at least for news, to transfer all my Coranto Stuff in Word Press dynamically and not by cut and paste? And is there a similiar sistem for html page?

    thanks in Advance


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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