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  • Hi, I would like to raise awareness that static homepage permalinks do not get updated automatically when following any of the proposed procedures for changing you site url/domain name.
    It took me an awful long time to figure out it were just the permalinks that were acting up. One can not change the static homepage permalinks manually. I ended up disabling the usage of static homepages in settings. This apparently allowed WordPress to update the permalinks of the aforementioned pages to use the new domain. I could then reenable it successfully.

    It would be nice though to see it documented somewhere or even better to have permalinks of static homepages be updated automatically too on changing the site url.

    This happened on wp5.2, not sure about other versions..

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    Hi @jsber,

    Thank you for your post and sharing your experiences. It’s always nice to keep up to date with documentation and there is a place in Make WordPress to do just that.

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    If you feel you could contribute I am sure it would be greatly appreciated.

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