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  • I made my homepage static. From the Yoast WOrdpress seo sitemap I see that the URL has 100% and the has only 80%.
    I thought the blog which has the index file should have 100% so I now consider to move the blog back to the home page to have that 100% but I am not sure if that is better. After all the content on the static page can be controlled more precisely, conpared to the blog with excerpts and a mix of keywords.

    I have also noticed that the blog gets only 5 % of the traffic that my static home page gets.
    SHould that make me worry that the blog gets down prioritized? It would be sad if an excerpt is not visible to surfers due to lower priority of the blog page, I think.

    My site is a mix of blog and commercial use but I use the posts for that as well except for some specific category of products which is on a static page and subpages.

    On before hand txs

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