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  • Hi there.

    i’ve got three little questions regarding wordpress, i’d really appreciate it if you guys could help me out.

    first, I want my front page to display a static page, i know, Settings–>Reading–>Front Page Displays: A Static Page.
    i’ve set that, and it works perfectly, except that i have no idea how i can access my blog now! everytime I hit “Home” , or give the browser my blog’s address, it jumps to the static page i’ve set. how’s it possible to access the main index?

    second, i want to list in a page, all the posts that are in a specific category (or have a particular tag). list them like, show their subjects each in a row. i read the documentation on this page, came up with this piece of script,

    query_posts(‘category_name=Questions and Answers’);

    but this will show the posts entirely, not just their subjects. any suggestions?

    also, i read that the newer versions of wordpress support LaTeX, my blog’s running on 2.5, but when i put latex scripts in my posts, they simply show up as plain text – am i doing something wrong?

    Thanks in Advance:)

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  • okay, i found the answer to my second question, could you guys please help me out with the other two? why is my blog refusing to render latex scripts into images? supports Latex, not the self-hosted version.
    You can use plugins on self-hosted version though.

    Finally, somebody points that out. Big thanks haochi!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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