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    I’ve installed WP in root. Have everything working fine.

    Now I want to create a static homepage using my theme that has some different features than the rest of my template (I do not want to create a separate HTML doc – I want to keep my static homepage in the loop). I’ve got that by creating ‘home’ in pages and using the Static Front Page plugin. No problems, again.

    Created home.php – which renders. Though it seems to override index.php

    What I want is this – somewhat unique homepage that has varying content – including links to pages and some blog entries (this is done). AND I want the usual “homepage” for my blog. By homepage I mean the usual index.php page that shows up when you being a WP site.

    I also want to leave all files in the root folder.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Be careful with home.php – it does indeed come before index.php in the Template_Hierarchy!

    In other words, that’s like a “reserved name” for theme files.


    So how can I have a static home page, with a different template, and a blog homepage (index.php) while using my theme (not html file) and still keep WP installed in root?

    I think I’m looking for the same help, but maybe slightly different. Instead of creating a new post, I’ll post here to keep replies in the same thread.

    I want a static homepage (basically a welcome page; e.g., that can link to a separate blog page (e.g., I’m wary of this whole home.php process, as it appears it will override index.php (which, if I understand correctly, would be my blog page?). Please help.

    If my request is too different, please let me know and I’ll create a new thread. Thanks in advance!

    I want a similar setup, just I’m looking to do so all from within the same folder (root). I don’t want to go to to get to the blog.

    Anyone have any ideas about this. At the very least, tell me it’s not possible, if that happens to be the case.

    Does this article help? Creating_a_Static_Front_Page


    I’ve read this article, but I can’t seem to get my mind around how to do this. Keep in mind I’ve setup about a dozen blogs for others where we’ve used the Static Front Page plugin – some even to look like “static websites.” So I have no problem with the ‘static homepage’ part of my request.

    Where I’m unable to find a solution that will let me keep the static homepage and the blog “homepage” at the same time, in the root folder. I would rather not go to a “blog” folder to view the blog “homepage.”

    I also want a template that’s specific to my site homepage (home.php – which overrides index.php) and is only used for the site’s overall homepage. I want to use a slightly different template for “pages” and a third slightly different template for the “blog/post/archives” files.

    So really, I want three slightly different templates all working together from within WP where I have what appears to be a “static homepage” for the entire site (with blog summaries in the body of that homepage) with the option to view “pages” (know how to do this) and the “posts homepage” (this is my sticking point).

    Am I being clear enough? I’m not certain.

    Was there ever a solution to this? I have the same issue – I’d like to have a static homepage (which I’ve set up using home.php – no problems there), and I’d also like a page within the site that contains posts.

    I’m doing a B&B website, and the owner would like to post recipes as blog posts so that visitors can comment on them – obviously not home page material. Everything I had read about home.php, seemed to imply that it was still possible to use posts within the site, but I can’t find any information about how to do that.

    The best answer is to simply wait until mid January for WP 2.1, this feature is built in. You will be able to create a Page called Home, and use that as the main page, and then create a Page called Blog, and assign that as your posts page. Home will use the default page template unless you create a special template for it.

    There are options for doing such, but it’s not pretty, and the permalink isn’t the same as the rest of the site.

    With help, I created a function that I added to a functions.php file for a theme ( a plugin would also do this, but I was lazy).
    add_action('init', 'ir_init');
    function ir_init() {
    if (!empty($_GET['blog'])) {
    add_action('template_redirect', 'ir_includeIndex');
    function ir_includeIndex() {
    load_template(TEMPLATEPATH . '/index.php');

    Then in my theme I added:
    <ul><?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&title_li='); ?>
    <li><a href="<?php bloginfo('siteurl'); ?>/index.php/?blog=1">Blog</a></li></ul>

    The original goal for this was to have a home.php that had one output of the blog, and the index.php a second.

    Basically home.php had excerpts, no sidebar, and a big footer, Blog was the traditional full content, sidebar look.

    I’ve not used this code in over 6 months, so there’s no guarantee that it still works. As I said, I’d wait for 2.1

    Thanks milkb

    Is mid Jan a real time-frame for 2.1?

    I’m chomping at the bit to get this working. I’ve played with conditional tags and have some things working for me. Though I can’t seem to get a ‘separate blog home page’ to be recognized in the nav bar. I feel I’m close but with my limited php skills, I’m not sure what to try next. So it’s great to hear about 2.1. Thanks

    Where would I find dev notes about other features and bug fixes?

    Probably, this plugin comes the closest to what you want to achieve:

    I found a solution. It’s not so pretty, but I’ve tested it pretty thoroughly and it seems to work great…

    In my nav bar, I created a home link to my index.php file using the link to my homepage – as usual.

    I combined two ideas for the ‘secondary blog page.’

    One, being the only author, I created a nav link called ‘blog’ and linked to all my author posts as found in the Author Templates. I needed to create an author.php file to use this option so I made a copy of my index.php file and renamed it author.php. Creating a link to me as the author accomplished what I wanted in way of creating a new ‘secondary blog homepage.’

    Now I have a homepage that is in the loop and based on my template AND a secondary blog homepage that is also in the loop and based on my template. The blog homepage is just my blog posts and template design. My overall site homepage is my template design with blog posts and a few other features.

    This seems to work great. I further used conditional tags (is_archive) and dynamic menu highlighting to highlight my blog link so that it stays highlighted on every post page.

    This isn’t as pretty as I would like, but it will do until I see what comes out with 2.1

    Thanks for everyone’s help from above. While my solution isn’t really from what you wrote, your suggestions kept me looking.

    I with Dawud – is Mid Jan the actual release date? Or just the goal. I’m meeting with someone who wants to do this today – and I see no reason to go through all of the extra effort to get the static homepage if the new release is coming in a week or two.

    Nengard, we have our answer…

    What I had trouble with was finding how to link to my blog entries, finding the URL. It’s supposed to work as an old, current, whatever template will link to your blog entries as long as you set it, whatever the content.

    But I set up a blank one, /blog/ was the url but it’s linking to a blog that is NOT MINE! It’s a freshly installed blog with the title “taryns1st”. WHAT THE???

    It works with a different page slug. Set it where you set the home page.

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