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  • This is something that’s been going on for months and its’ driving me crazy. My sites have a static homepage setup in the “Reading” settings and the blog listed at the /blog path.

    Problem is it keeps breaking. Different sites, different themes, plugins on, or off. I’ve tried everything I can think of but only the first page of the blog works consistently.

    If I try to go back using the Previous Entries link at the bottom it redirects to the static home page. The URL shows it’s headed to page/2 etc, but it just redirects home.


    These are both different sites using different themes. Also this did not occur some versions back. Seems to be a WP related issue but I can’t find what. I also have tried turning off plugins, reverting to the default Twenty Eleven theme etc. No change.

    One thing that fixes it
    is going to “Permalinks” and changing them. Then changing them back. Generally this will make page 2 of the blog work, but after awhile I come back and it’s stopped working, redirecting once again to the homepage.

    For example I just did this on the site and the archives seem to be working. But in time it will stop again based on experience.

    I don get it. Any ideas? Is this just a WP bug?

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  • There seems to be few answers on this. Is there a way to submit it as a bug. It’s a very serious problem and it’s driving me nuts.

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