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static front page, social vidget, page builder

  • Hi!
    1. I’d like to use social media widget in the site’s header.
    Widget is activated and when I’m logged in to my wordpress all social icons are shown ok.
    When I’m logged out, icons of social media dissapear. The same if I try to see website from another PC.

    2. I’m trying to set a static front page on my website.
    I fully follow these instructions: http://siteorigin.com/vantage-documentation/getting-started/static-front-page-and-posts-page/
    After every save my site uses posts page as a start, but I want to use another page for that.

    3. When using front page builder I put text widget in.
    When I activate a tick ‘automatically make paragraphs’ all text disappears after saving.
    Without automatic tick paragraphs are not set.
    Also, with the last version it started changing text after saving: some letters substituted with .. ,, (( and spaces. The text is in Russian.

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  • Hi ilyapin

    1. Are you running a Performance plugin? If you are please try clearing your site’s cache.

    2. You have a few options here. If you’d like you can return all the Settings > Reading settings back to default. Then head to Appearance > Home Page and turn it ON. Then head to your Blog page and select the Blog page template from the right column. Give that a try and see if it suits your needs.

    3. Mmm ok that’s a big list of errors there. Thanks for reporting. I think we’ll have most of them sorted with our new 1.4.5 version going live today. For now please try downloading this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/black-studio-tinymce-widget/ and using it in place of the Text widget.

    With regards to characters showing up in Russian. Try pasting your content in Notepad before pasting it into WordPress. Just set Notepad up to be a plain text mode.



    Hi Andrew,
    1. Tried. Didn’t help.

    2. Thanks, solved!
    3. With a new version all problems disappeared. Thanks one more time! Russian characters were from notepad.


    Hi Ivan

    Super, we’re nearly there. Can you send me a link so I can check out the social icon widget issue?





    Hi Ivan

    Ok, definitely not there live. Can you perhaps try disabling all non-SiteOrigin plugins and see if the issue resolves? Also if you are running the Legacy Widgets plugin, try disabling that.

    Kind regards



    This is WooDojo. When it is deactivated, icons are there.
    I’d like to keep it. Is it possible to do anything?


    Hi ilyapin

    Unfortunately at this stage all I can do is log the clash with Greg. Hopefully a solution will be reached in a future release of Vantage. You can see what’s been done on each release here: http://updates.siteorigin.com/readme/vantage/

    Kind regards


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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