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  • Hi Guys!

    I’m using the static front page feature in wordpress 1.1 and I’m running into issues. It took AGES to get my Pages to work, I’m happy that they do, but I have template assignment problems. First I’ll tell you how I set things up. My wordpress installation is not in root, I’ve placed it in its own folder following the codex instructions on giving wordpress its own directory.

    I then followed creating a static front page instructions on codex to get my stuff rolling, it took a while to figure out.

    My problem as I figured is this:

    • My dynamic post Page (called Browse) is using the index.php as a template. Despite having assigned a template called Browse to the Page.
    • My static Home Page is using the default template Page, again, despite numerous attempts to assign it a template.

    So how DO you go about assigning templates to these static pages? Here’s what I’m doing, tell me if you see warning flags. For example, here’s how I set up Browse.

    1. Create a browse template file, i.e, create a browse.php in the theme wp-content/theme folder with the code bellow:

    Template Name: Browse

    (rest of page follows, code copied off the original Index.php of default theme)
    2.Go to admin, write a Page called Browse. Leave post blank. Assign Browse as the template in drop down list.

    It still refuses to use Browse and instead uses Index.php, or when available, home.php

    Using home.php is a problem because it kills the dynamic part of the Browse page, its using the template intended for the static home Page at

    Not that the home Page is using home.php template. it refuses to use that and instead falls back on the default template Page (wp-content/theme/page.php)

    In short, my static home Page is using the default template Page (at wp-content/theme/page.php)
    My browse Page is using the index template (at wp-content/theme/index.php)

    This is a horribly long post, I apologize, I’m a beginner with wordpress and I’m trying my best to make sure I’m using the correct terminology. Many thanks to whoever responds.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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