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    I want to convert my blog site – I want a static front page that links to various pages and the blog. I’ve read the documentation in the codex and created the landing (static) page. The thing that worries me is part two of the instructions. It says “DO NOT add content to the Blog Page. Leave it blank. Any content here will be ignored — only the Title is used.” What I thought I’d enter as the second page is my existing landing page for the blog. Wrong?

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  • You can easily say your backend how to do that.

    Go to preferences, read. There should e the option at the top to use a static site.


    Well…preferences/reading will specify Front Pages Displays: “a static page.”
    This is my question:
    The next choice is “posts page.” Since I’ve been told by codex not to put any content into the blog page, can I specify my existing blog page as the posts page? Or have a created a blank posts page per the codex instructions and that’s what I specify?

    just create a page, fill it with your content and set it as static site.

    If this is what you want to do.


    No. I’ve already created the static page and filled it with content. I will use that as the landing page. I get that. The problem is the blog page. The codex assumes that you’re setting up a new site. It instructs one specifically not to enter content into the blog (posts) page. I’m wondering if I can use my existing blog for this SECOND – not static – page – the “posts” or “blog” page – not the landing page.

    OK, for anyone else who runs into this confusion, this is the answer:
    I created a static page (I named it “enter here” to avoid the “two homes” problem in the menu).
    Then I created a page called “Blog” (Well, not quite – “Tips and Thoughts (Blog)”)
    I chose “static page” in the Reading preferences pane. in the “page” drop down I chose the “enter here” page.
    In the “posts” drop down I chose “Tips and Thoughts (Blog)” page.

    When I click one a link to my site, I hit the static page. When I click on the blog link, I get the blog, with all the entries intact. The new page is just an invisible pass-through. In short, just follow the codex directions and don’t worry that it might mess up your existing blog.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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