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    Hi Guys,

    I just want to alert you and say that i still have the problem. The static front page is not showing up.
    It is the exact same problem that is happening in this link that ive attached.

    Now the thing is i followed the procedure in the link. For that i had to re-install wordpress in C-panel and rebuild my site. I lost all the data in the mean time. Now this happening again is gonna be a real bad thing for me as i have to get this site up and running shortly.

    You need to help me figure this out. I haven’t installed any plugins. But this is the second time this week this is happening. I have a lot of data on my site and i would hate to have to redo the whole thing again.

    Any tips WordPress Support?

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  • The only reason the Static Front Page setting won’t show up is if you don’t have any pages created. Do you?

    All my pages are up and running fine. Except for my static page. The search bar does not appear. And the colors for the theme that ive chosen do not appear. In fact its more like the theme is before i made the customization to it.

    Its look like you need to debug you code.
    Let do it.
    Use github gist to host your static page code and send me that github gist link.
    I have to take a look that code. Because your sidebar wont show too.

    Do you also have this problem when you use the Twenty Seventeen theme? If not, it’s a theme related problem.

    @staartmees im using the latest theme from Listing Pro. Ive checked with the theme creators. Everything is fine from their side. I’m pretty sure its an issue from Word Press.

    I mean static-front-page.php file code, not your source code.
    Go to your theme file and check if any static-front-page.php file exits. if so then copy that file code and paste in the github gist file.

    @themesgrove i cant find a file static-front-page.php

    Hello Everyone, So i’ll restate my issue.The front page display option is not shown in the reading settings. I hope this makes things easier.

    @themegrove Hi the issue is resolved. So it turns out that all my pages were fine however that my home page was not “published”. As a result the page stopped working. But what i dont understand is why did the page stop working. It was absolutely fine up until then even though it was not published. Anyways im going to dive into this further to see if there is any reason why that happened. Thank you themegrove for your time. I appreciate it. Cheers!

    Perfect Solution! Thanks @jakept for the notice.

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