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    I have problems with static front page PLUS blog posts page.
    How do I get my blog posts under the menu “Blog” while keeping the static front page?
    I have read all the WP-documentation and also other support forums with the same problem and I am still not able to get the blog posts under the menu “Blog”
    Here is an example of my blog: It has a static front page, and the idea is that my blog posts (which are now shown on the side bar) appear under “Blog”, the empty page I have created after instructions. But the posts do not show.

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  • In settings->reading, you have assigned ‘blog’ page to be your posts page?

    Yes off course!

    I suspect the whole thing is a theme question.
    I have tested only two themes so far, Twentyten and Dirty Blue.
    Is there anyone with a static front page and a blog page with blogs on that can recommend a theme that works?

    I also took a look at the blog.php file (in the Twentyten directory) .

    Here is how it looks, obviously it attemopts top make a loop with blogs, but it does not work:


    I just set up on my test site ( testing both 2010 and 2011 theme

    Everything works perfectly by default on both themes.

    I’m able to create a page named blog, assign that page to be my posts page, and then make another page be the static front page.

    Have you tested with plugins turned off to see if there is some sort of conflict?

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    Post your code on please.

    However I use a static front page and a list of posts on /blog/ with twentyTen and twentyEleven.

    How do I get my blog posts under the menu “Blog” while keeping the static front page?

    Did you create a page ‘Blog’? And if so, what’s on that page now?

    You want them to show on and it looks like they do…

    hehehe indeed, now they do. they did not before the past three days when I was experimenting around!
    Thanks altogether problem solved. Although I have the same problem on where it is not solved, but I will find a way.

    One more remark: when I go back to my own site, logging in ../blog12/ I still can not see the post listing on blog12/blog.

    However when I follow the link above in the post by Ipstenu I see the list.
    Thanks again.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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