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[Resolved] Static Front Page and Previous Entries link

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    Posted 2 weeks ago #


    I just installed 2.5 RC1 in order to tested and imediately noticed a bug/change.

    I’m using the following link structure:

    – Home page: site.com (Home)

    – Posts page: site.com/blog (Blog)

    – Category base: /blog/category

    – Permalinks: /blog/%postname%

    I’m doing this because I want some static pages to appear under site.com/pagename, hence I’m separating the regular posts from them.

    In 2.3 this worked fine, i would get post pages under site.com/blog/page/2 and subpages of the Blog page would show up, like site.com/blog/archives.

    In 2.5 RC1 neither show up under /blog, both paged navigation and subpages of the Blog page appear under the root, like site.com/page/2 and site.com/archives although the custom Posts Page is set as Blog.

    Is this a change or a bug?

    Thanks for your help.

    Posted 3 days ago #

    I can confirm that this is still happening in WordPress 2.5 final.

    Doesn’t anyone know anything about this?

    I’m having the same issue only just with the site.com/page/2/ instead of site.com/blog/page/2/
    What’s the deal? Any solutions yet?

    Static front page
    post page: blog
    custom Permalink Structure: /blog/%postname%/
    default category base

    WP 2.5 Final, IIS server, wp-url-rewriting

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  • This must have something to do with next_posts_link but I don’t how or where to fix it.


    So, a custom permalink of /news-and-events/%postname%/ does not work but the custom permalink of /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/ does work.

    The Post Page is on /news-and-events.
    If I change the permalink to anything but /news-and-events/ then it goes to the correct page

    Example: permalink structure is /news-and-events/%postname%
    click on next_posts_link and you get a 404 error. everything else workas it should

    Change the permalink structure is /news-and-event/%postname% (remove the ‘s’ on events)
    click on next_posts_link and it goes to /news-and-events/page/2/ just fine but all of the post links look like /news-and-event/post-name

    Could it be something in the rewrite.php file?

    I believe I am having the same problem. I upgraded from 2.3.x and everything was fine (at least to my knowledge). I use /blog/%postname%/ permalink structure. Everything seems to work except “next_posts_link” and “previous_posts_link”

    Any ideas around this would be great.

    Thanks for the update, it worked for me

    Still an issue in 2.7.

    Yep, also having problems on 2.7.

    In the end I removed /blog/ from my permalink structure – my blog front page still sits on mysite.com/blog/, but my posts are at mysite.com/category/postname/

    works fine now.. would be nice to have the option to put posts in the /blog/ dir though.

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