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    Posted 2 weeks ago #


    I just installed 2.5 RC1 in order to tested and imediately noticed a bug/change.

    I’m using the following link structure:

    – Home page: (Home)

    – Posts page: (Blog)

    – Category base: /blog/category

    – Permalinks: /blog/%postname%

    I’m doing this because I want some static pages to appear under, hence I’m separating the regular posts from them.

    In 2.3 this worked fine, i would get post pages under and subpages of the Blog page would show up, like

    In 2.5 RC1 neither show up under /blog, both paged navigation and subpages of the Blog page appear under the root, like and although the custom Posts Page is set as Blog.

    Is this a change or a bug?

    Thanks for your help.

    Posted 3 days ago #

    I can confirm that this is still happening in WordPress 2.5 final.

    Doesn’t anyone know anything about this?

    I’m having the same issue only just with the instead of
    What’s the deal? Any solutions yet?

    Static front page
    post page: blog
    custom Permalink Structure: /blog/%postname%/
    default category base

    WP 2.5 Final, IIS server, wp-url-rewriting

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  • This must have something to do with next_posts_link but I don’t how or where to fix it.


    So, a custom permalink of /news-and-events/%postname%/ does not work but the custom permalink of /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/ does work.

    The Post Page is on /news-and-events.
    If I change the permalink to anything but /news-and-events/ then it goes to the correct page

    Example: permalink structure is /news-and-events/%postname%
    click on next_posts_link and you get a 404 error. everything else workas it should

    Change the permalink structure is /news-and-event/%postname% (remove the ‘s’ on events)
    click on next_posts_link and it goes to /news-and-events/page/2/ just fine but all of the post links look like /news-and-event/post-name

    Could it be something in the rewrite.php file?

    I believe I am having the same problem. I upgraded from 2.3.x and everything was fine (at least to my knowledge). I use /blog/%postname%/ permalink structure. Everything seems to work except “next_posts_link” and “previous_posts_link”

    Any ideas around this would be great.

    Thanks for the update, it worked for me

    Still an issue in 2.7.

    Yep, also having problems on 2.7.

    In the end I removed /blog/ from my permalink structure – my blog front page still sits on, but my posts are at

    works fine now.. would be nice to have the option to put posts in the /blog/ dir though.

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