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the above post didn’t show everything:

what i deleted was everything between and including the 2 “list” tags < li > almost at the very bottom of header.php.

Erika and JRyan you are both absolute gems !

Erika’s exact 1-2-3 help was terrific. Her ‘home’ reference didn’t jive with what I was seeing in header.php, but JRyan’s extra “what I deleted” (even though your exact code didn’t appear) was what nailed it !

For anyone else still scratching their heads, I’m using the Portfolio Press theme, my deletable ‘home’ in header.php, was in the middle of a ‘php if’ reference and a ‘php get settings’ reference and right after the ‘ul id = menu’ about 10 lines from the bottom of the page.

Whew ! I feel tremendous right now, this is just what I wanted ! No blogs here, just a snappy CMS / Portfolio page, woot !


That worked great…

Except now all my PAGES text is underlined like a link..! What could I have done?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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