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  • Iv had my wordpress blog for about 10 months or so, but now lately i have been looking into the option of having a static front page in the same look of the rest of the blog. I just want to have a presentation page that doesnt change, which also search engines will recognize so it doesnt get a new content all the time. Is this possible to do in some way? How would i go about? Any advice welcome.

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  • Have a look here:

    Very recent thread, in fact.

    The simplest way is to make a home.php template in your theme – that would take precedence over your index.php template when showing the main page of the blog (see Template_Hierarchy). You can edit it as you want: static or dynamic, or a combination of both. When I needed such a solutioon I saved the index as home and did a necessary editing.

    I have now created this static frontpage according to the wordpress codex. Using .htaccess to make home.php my main page, and index.php to my blog page. This works great, as long as i dont try to login into wp.

    When i click login, enter name n password and hit enter i get “You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/ on this server.”

    This only happens when the .htaccess page makes home.php the main page. I changed it back, and it works just fine, but i want to keep my static page, how would i go about to make the login work when index.php is not my main page?

    Thanks. G

    you are over-complicating it. I didn’t mention anything about .htaccess. Just drop your home.php in the theme folder and you are done.

    I know, but i started reading here.

    Change Apache Configuration File

    There is another form to upload your static front page without moving all your WordPress files to another folder.

    When you request a folder in a Apache web server ( (for example the folder called /chouette), the core of Apache will search for a file with any of the names in a list saved in httpd.conf. If your server lets you use .htaccess files for change the original configuration, you can follow these steps:

    1. Open the .htaccess file from your root web folder in a text editor.
    2. At the top of the file, add:

    DirectoryIndex home.php

    Save and upload the modified .htaccess fil

    Using this method iv managed to get everyhting to work, except the login part. When i did drop home.php in my theme dir, i cant get to the blog part, which is located on index.php and i cant access any Pages links like /about/ or /archives/

    Feel free to have a look at my page which is located at (Currently using the .htaccess bit)

    The home.php in the theme works for me – but of course, I don’t mess around with the .htaccess file! Meaning: the home.php in the theme folder does NOT need any modifications in the .htaccess.

    Also, I don’t know anything about Apache servers and I don’t have access to my host’s setting, so I just disregard this kind of “geek” articles in the Codex. My principle is: if I can do it in a simple way, why should I bother with some complicated solutions?

    (masquerade) Gus, copy your wp-admin/index.php to wp-admin/home.php
    (Gus) Make another copy and name it home.php
    (Gus) k
    (Gus) Lovely! 🙂
    (Gus) Sometimes the simplest solution are just so great.
    (davidhouse) thanks, masquerade. i should have spotted that.

    Fixed after a conversation in #wordpress – resolution was to COPY wp-admin/index.php to wp-admin/home.php (make sure that wp-admin/index.php is still there afterward :))

    Okay, so Gustaf got there first 🙂





    I followed the directions stated in this thread to create a static front page using the home.php page. It worked great, however, I now want to link from the static front page to the index.php, where all of the blog postings will be.

    I created the link – but the page just redirects to the home.php page on its own.

    Can anyone assist me with this?



    Don’t double post, please! (usually, it gets deleted)

    If you have home.php – you cannot display index.php.



    How can my individual blog posts be displayed then – as it would if I were not using home.php?



    By category, by month, one by one (aka single post).

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