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  • When I have the plugin active, it blocks certain other plugins from using api’s, giving a “State Mismatch” error showing a “back” button. For example, activation of Elementor’s pro feature requires connecting its plugin to the site, and when active PrivateCalendars blocks this with “State Mismatch.” The same happens with the “Use Your Drive” plugin when it tries connecting to the Google API – it is blocked by PrivateCalendars with a “State Mismatch”.

    When I hit the “back” button on the “State Mismatch” error screen, it goes to the PrivateCalendars settings screen (even if I started somewhere else).

    When I deactivate PrivateCalendars, then the “State Mismatch” error no longer occurs, so it is definitely caused by PrivateCalendars.

    I love the plugin, but need to avoid this problem. Turning off all calendars on my site to activate another plugin is not good.

    BTW – I would like to use just the API key rather than oauth, because I only use public calendars with the plugin. It might avoid this problem. However, trying that does not work for me, it will not actually retrieve any calendars without setting up oauth.


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    I saw your review as well with some fair points.

    Do you know of a free plugin that causes this OAuth conflict (as far as I can see both Elementor Pro and Use Your Drive are paid plugins)?

    Regarding the API key: this does work (I used it myself). But you can only access public calendars with this. And make sure you don’t restrict your API key. If you need help with this, just let me know where exactly you get stuck with the API key. But be aware that the API key is not officially supported by Google (see It does work now, but it can fail at anytime.




    I have the same issue with the “State mismatch.” error when adding Elementor features with the PrivateCalendars plugin. When I deactivate the plugin, it works fine.

    I tried with both OAUTH and using the API key.

    Any suggestions?

    I imagine this would be an issue for a lot of folks given how popular Elementor is now. I use the Pro Version, fyi.

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