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  • Looks like the Statcounter database has been hacked! When few minutes ago I checked my projects, one of them was deleted, and now whenever I try to create a new one, it takes other people projects!!! I can’t believe that, they’ve got a huge amount of sensible data on their database, it really scares me. It could be a glitch in the system, of course, but it doesn’t bloody matter simply because that MUST NOT happen!
    Wouldn’t you be scared?
    P.S.: It can’t be my computer. With Symantec Corporate Antivirus and Firewall plus the router firewall, plus Giant Antispyware in real time, plus occasional scans of my connection (, plus all the running process checked by me every hour. I’m safe, definitely.

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  • Moderator James Huff


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    That’s the problem with large 3rd party services. Make sure to change your statcounter password ASAP. Unfortunately, I can’t confirm anything for you as I ended my statcounter project after helping you out (I eventually decided that my server stats were just as good, just not live).

    Mark (podz)


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    DomFel: with respect to what you say about your running services, you – and anyone else – is only as secure as your password to anything you have.
    Want secure ? Use something which will choose random 16 character passwords for you.
    Anypassword –

    This is their message:
    There is an unusual problem with adding new projects to StatCounter at the moment. We are investigating this issue – please visit us again in an hour to view your stats.
    I apologise for any inconvenience.
    best regards,
    Aodhan Cullen
    StatCounter Webmaster </blackquote>
    I agree with you podz, I had got a 9 alphanumeric password before. No way to change the password macmanx, the site is down for maintenance; you’re a lucky man anyway! 😉 Going to bed (2.03 Eastern), got 2 exams tomorrow.

    In the reply of the ticket I sent to the guys over StatCounter, they said that their “forum” has been hacked. My question is: from a forum, how the hell can you access to a website database? ..But at least, they admitted it. It’s so weird…!

    Moderator James Huff


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    Well, if enough people who registered in the forum used the same password in their StatCounter project, then it would be pretty easy.

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