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  • bigjohn636


    I am a newbie so be gentle. I installed WordPress but when I click on visit site I go to information pages or “server not found” I never see the screen to enter my user name and password . Am I too dumb to breathe or can someone help me?

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  • figaro


    How did you install? A link to your site?

    Here is a video on installing that may help.

    How to Install WordPress through Cpanel

    John Hoff


    To find the screen where you can enter in your username and password, go to if your blog is in your root directory.

    If your blog is in a subdirectory (i.e. /blog), then head over to



    Hi Figaro, I too am a newbie and have the same problem but the above link to the video wont work. Could you please check it?

    Thanks in advance….

    Samuel B


    link is up now



    Thanks… I am on it now… thanks a ton.



    Hi Samboll n Figaro, I have to install a blog on a hostgator account. I have to create an addon domain and then build the blog from there. I have watched a dozen vid already but still not sure of the entire process. Could you “PLEASE” guide me step by step.

    Thanks a TON in advance…




    The video is about as “step-by-step” as I can do. I don’t have a hostgator account, so am not sure of their set-up. You may want to also look at the install docs here on

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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