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    I recently downloaded WordPress and i have a few questions about it. I’m planning to start an website about gaming, and that website should have some “special” content sections. Those sections are “Tutorials”, “Reviews”, “Previews” and etc. They need special custom fields, each one, like Game rating, difficulty, etc. Any plugin or something that can help me?

    BTW: is it possible to have a category listing for categories? I’ll create the Tutorials and other sections as articles categories, right? So, i would need special pages that list the content, in this case, tutorials, reviews and etc. I would like to display them with ratings, views, etc. like in any other cms. Is this possible?

    Also, i’m looking for a downloads manager for WordPress, a good one. Hope anyone can help me with this ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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  • moshu


    There is no ASAP here – just volunteer helpers 🙂

    You are right about the categories; posts should be… err categorized (systematized?) by categories.
    WP has custom field, too.
    There are some plugins for rating, too.

    The rest of the questions are just a matter of getting familiar with WP and knowing how to use Category Templates.

    Download manager… it depends what is a “good one” for you.

    Note. WP is NOT a full-blown CMS, it’s primarily a blogging tool. You can tweak it in different ways (I also did it), just don’t expect a smooth ride… without a steep learning curve!



    Hello moshu, and thanks for the answer. About WP, i know it has custom fields and such, but doesn’t work like i want them to work. That’s why i’m looking for a plugin or something. The major problem here is that i can’t set default custom fields for each category and display certain content for only one category. Also, i can’t setup a rating system for a pre-determined set of categories.

    I checked the download manager available here at and it’s a bit ugly and doesn’t provide a good download navigation. It’s just a page with links.



    Sorry for the double post, but, isn’t there a plugin that allows me to define templates per-category? That already would be a great help and would fix a lot of problems for me.

    Also, i was looking for some different category browsing system, that, instead of showing complete articles, just some info.



    WordPress has the native ability to show each category via its own template. See the Codex article Category_Templates

    Customizing_the_Read_More explains presenting a small teaser to your readers.

    Other resources:
    Template Hierarchy
    Stepping into Templates
    Stepping into Template Tags



    You might want to bear in mind that WP can’t handle forms in your pages (or more specifically </textarea> tags) without breaking, so check WP can do everything you would want before jumping in.



    Hey Michael, thanks for the links. That sure will help. Now, anyone knows a good download module? That’s one thing that’s stopping me from using WP.

    Can i show a different “single.php” (single article view template) for each category?

    JasonBlu I’m using wordpress more as a CMS than a blog.

    Its incredibly adaptive but does, as moshu explained, present its own problems using it in this way.

    First and foremost you really should be looking towards the custom write panel plugin.

    This will allow you to set, using custom fields, your own content types. So if you have varying degree’s of content types then you design them on the fields you’ll require just for that type. You can also assign those new content types to default categories, meeting your second need.

    Views and ratings can be handled with plugins and i’d highly recomend lester chans plugins to meet your needs

    WP-PostRatings 1.20 (for your rating needs) and WP-PostViews 1.20 (for the amount of views per each post).

    Bluelounge Milo (Aluminium)

    Then you can add tags to each (allowing finer control of your sections) and all that would be left to do is style your output (outputting your custom fields the way you want). Each category can be styled uniquely different too using category templates.

    You’ll likely need to adapt or write some minor php to achieve everything you want and this is where you’ll struggle. Although the documentation generally at is pretty good, some bits have pretty huge gaps in information. You’ll likely find little help within the forums too as most users are more happy using wordpress as a blog than pushing the foundation.

    Generally however theres usually a few different approaches to solve a problem and although they may not be perfect, will work as you had hoped.

    I personally find that i hit a stumbling block, can’t see a way past something, spend a few days researching, asking people etc and almost always find a workable solution around the problem.

    I love how wordpress uses php as its template framework as this allows you to be really adaptive from the offset.

    So yes it all perfectly possible, is achievable, but you’ll face issues and frustration from time to time that you just have to ride through.

    Hope that helps.

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