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    I runt more than eight sites all using Elementor. All sites are hosted on WPEngine and all of them uses the same version of WordPress, version 4.7.

    One site with Elementor 1.1.6 and Elementor Pro 1.0.9 I can edit but I can’t save anymore.

    On the other site I have Elementor 1.1.4 and Elementor Pro 1.0.8 and everything works perfect.

    This must be solved in some way. I can’t be stopped working with a site just for updating the plugins right?

    What is the way to solve this issues? I can’t uninstall and reinstall all 25 plugins on my clients sites everything the plugin stops saving content?

    Is there any known issues or plugins known to cause this?

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  • It seem that WP Engine Cache destroys the SAVE function. As soon as I move the site to a staging area it all works again. When their Cache is on it stops.

    Could you have WPE support shut off object caching for your site, Andreas? I’ve seen that clear things up for some WPE customers in the time I’ve been working here.

    Also, if that works, that gives the WP Engine platform team something to look into on our end. 😀

    They don’t do that. They have a strict rule against shutting off object cache on production sites. They just ask you to move to staging, do your thing and then deploy to production.

    Tell them Jason Cosper said it was okay. I work at WP Engine. Although not in support. They can hit me up internally if there’s any questions.

    Alternately, if you have a ticket open with WPE and can provide me with a ticket number I can okay shutting off object caching there.

    Okey, so it is not object caching that differs and makes Elementor work. It seem that it is something called Varnishing Cache that is not active on staging sites but on live sites. If I goto staging site it works, on live site it’s not.

    The strange thing is that if I copy the site to a new install it works… very frustrating

    I just thought I’d try elementor out for myself. I’ve been using layers and finding all kinds of issues with several plugins. Elementor seemed like the way to go.

    Im also hosting on WPengine. The site I’m working on is in the staging area and I cannot save. The save wheel keeps on turning…Sounds like an old Journey song.

    Anyways, I got away from Drupal because of so many inconsistencies with modules. WordPress has been working fine for me until recently. Lots of issues with themes and plugins. Its getting frustrating.

    Same issue – is this being fixed as its a big one



    I also had this issue on a WPEngine hosted site, the issue for me was regarding ssl as per this topic:

    Plugin Author ArielK


    It is a problem that we figured out with WP Engine and that we mentioned in this guide:

    It is an HTTP/HTTPS conflict. As @yukino031902 said, adding an SSL certification to your site should solve the issue.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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