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  • I was on blogger for the last 6 months and I thought that was pretty self explanitory, but since I bought my own domain, I went with wordpress and hooked up with a hosting company who led me to wordpress cause IT WAS EASY.

    The last week I loved it, but now you almost need a engineering degree to figure it out. I am not a huge HTML, or PBP Know it all, in fact I know little, but I was told that it was simply.

    Well today I try to add a image, and its all small and blurry. I then go into a html to try to widen it and make it bigger by adjusting the height size from 85 to 105 to 185, and the width size from 96 to 116 to 196, either way it just is small and blurry. I tried to right click on image and expand it, but can obly go so far down.

    I even tried to re-save it as a jpeg, bitmap and neither work.

    Its getting real frustrating, WordPress is suppose to be top of the art for blogging, but with thissimple and important feature Blogger has them.

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  • Hi nate. As with every tool, WordPress has to find a balance between ease-of-use and feature-richness. That means: The more features a tool has, the more complex it will become to use.

    Concerning your problem, the WordPress developers went a very typical way: They implemented only some necessary standard features and let the user decide what they need for their special purposes – that means, you can download hundreds of plugins, which enhance wordpress in any thinkable way.

    To give you a clearer anwer, I suggest a plugin like Sticky Image (well, developed it myself, so of course I promote it). It lets you upload images directly when posting, while automatically thumbnailing and resizing it the way YOU want. You can get to the plugin page here:

    it’d be nice to have an image plugin that does all that and more…. things like placing images with text wrapping or thumbnails you click to bring up a popup window with the image that is about the size of the image, etc. there are lots to do with imagaes that if you don’t know how to add the code to, it can be difficult to acieve those featurs

    I’ve worked with PHP-BB, Invision, Vbul, PHP-nuke and a few others…WP has been the best out of any of them BY FAR! When it comes to support, mods and being user freindly…php-bb is pretty frikin close though and I still love it.

    Still though..I wonder why there are any problems at all..doesn’t make much sence to me. You’d think that somehting like WP could be set up without a single flaw, but what ever…If ya want ta see how great WP is…just go to the php-nuke support section and see the list of bugs and security issues!!!

    Basicly…if ya want you nuke ta work…ya gota script it from scratch by your self 🙂


    I have been installing quite a few WP 1.5 a while ago and loved it. Now I did my first WP 2.0.1 and just about hated the new image uploading function, especially as I need to adjust that installation for a complete web/html noob.

    But there’s a good solution with ImageManager, found here:

    It’s absolutely great. 🙂


    Hmmm. Yeah, I think that one’s better than the one I linked earlier.


    Can someone please lead me in how I add the plugin to my wordpress.

    I downloaded the one IHK provided, now what do I do?


    … Go back to that url. Scroll down to the “Installation” section.

    The Codex has your back. 😉

    Basically, upload to /wp-content/plugins/ and activate.

    Ok, I went back to that URL and followed the installation. I downloaded by zip and extracted to my plugin in file for wordpress under my program files on my C Drive.
    Everything is there, but under my plugins on my wordpress dashboard its not showing.

    in file for wordpress under my program files on my C Drive.

    You either don’t read what was said above… or I don’t know what to think.
    Is your blog hosted on your own computer? Even in that case – read again and again what was posted above and click those links they give you and read everything before posting back and wasting everybody’s time.

    wow, dude chill.. I did exactly what was said here.

    I downloaded the plugin to /wp-content/plugins/ on my computer.Thta is the only way to extract the files.

    It still doesnt show.

    This is a forum to get help, you really dont have to come off as a jerk.

    nate, get used to it around here…it happens to me a lot… they forget that not everyone is a code junkie or an expert at this…

    after you have exracted them on your computer, you need to upload them into your wp-content/plugins/ folder online… then you go to your plugins section and activate it… hope that helps

    Thats is what I am saying…. I put them in the file on my computer, but there not shoing upon my wordpress

    Nate. Is your computer also your web server? If not, then move the plugin files to your web server (as mentioned above a couple times now). They just don’t provide much value anywhere else.

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